Wednesday, November 17, 2010

17 November is a "sweet" day for me to alwizz remember..

Sweet 17 ke?..x la, umor pun dah 30 dah tahun ni. It just a number (17/11) which oredi 2  years lor since 17/11/2008, has been the significant, day and date, for me to remember.. sweeet ..sweet...sweet... Am I the one who only felt for this, I guess , I assume its the only me who knows and understand this.. hehehe..ok la kan.. kena lak tahun ni sama lak, dgn Hari Raye Qurban..

I Like this quoteQuotes : " Meeting you was FATE, becoming your friend was a CHOICE, but falling in love with you I had no control over"...
                              thanx and thanx and thanx...wish u alwizz the very BEST of everything



Anonymous said...

Dear Rizal...

Happy New Year! Semoga tahun ni tahun yang akan buat Rizal ceria dan bejaya!

Hehehehe... I know what happen on 17/11/08. And I know why this date significant sangat kat Rizal. Akak rasa dapat agak sapa yang Rizal jumpa dan kenal, because I was there...hehehehe :D

Anyway... Good Luck to you and Have a great future ahead!

Take Care & Cheers Always!!

p.s. Rizal maybe dah lupa kat Akak, tapi Akak tetap ingat Rizal sebab our birthday different sehari je... ;)

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